This list will grow with time as I discover more resources.

Official Documentation

When purchasing plans you recieve in the mail:

  • Blueprints stamped with your serial number
  • The Bearhawk LSA Book
  • Various full size templates

Other official resources:


Builder Logs

On the EAA Builders website there are several builders but many seem defunct or just starting, pictures and notes are limited. I have found some that are mature and active.

YouTube Videos

Channels showing a large amount of Bearhawk Build videos

  • Ken F -- Bearhawk Builder (QB)
  • Bearhawk Life -- Bearhawk Builder (QB) -- Completed
  • Nev -- Bearhawk Builder (QB) -- Completed

Bearhawk Builders

Individual Videos of Interest

FAA resources

  • 43.13B - Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices - Aircraft Inspection and Repair

Other resources of interest

Flight Testing