Things to Remember


Brake Caliper Mount → Landing GearAN4-4AAN365/3648yes
Tailwheel Spring → Tail WheelAN4-14AAN3652yes
Tailwheel Spring → FuselageAN4-15AAN3651yes
Wheel HalfsSuppliedSupplied12yes
Brake Disc to WheelSuppliedSupplied6yes
Shock → Landing GearAN6-20AN3102no
Shock → FuselageAN6-13AN3102no
Control Stick
Sticks → Interconnect TubeAN3-5AAN3642no
Sticks → Torque TubeAN3-23AN3202no
Floor Boards8-32 S 1/2"
Right Wing
Top Rear Tank StrapsAN3-5AAN3652yes
Bottom Rear Tank StrapsAN3-6AAN3652yes
Front Tank StapsAN3-6AAN3654yes


  • Bolts with trailing A = Non-drilled
  • Bolts with no trailing A = Drilled
  • AN310 = Castle Nut
  • AN315 = Check Nut
  • AN316 = Thin Check Nut
  • AN320 = Shear Castle Nut
  • AN364 = Shear Elastic Nut
  • AN365 = Elastic Nut

Other Fasteners

Wing Tank StrapAllen Head = 5/32"

Places to Revisit

Scratched Paint, Re-prime for protection

  • Pilot side, top stringer, rear bulkhead upright, picture 2/20/2022 at 3:24PM
  • Passenger side, top stringer c-clip. I let the bit walk a bit and get too close to the edge for proper edge distance. Thus I abanoned my start and put a rivet in the rear of the clip.

Rough Area that will come in contact with Fabric

  • Top stringer, mid-fuselage, picture 2/20/2022 at 3:27PM



  • All tank straps had bolts in place. Right Wing, Top Rear were too small, no threads showing through bolt. All others were a tad too long, but not enough to make me replace them. All that I left in place were checked for proper torque.

Checklist Items

  • Fuel Cap Vent Hole is facing forward.