When thinking about a "bush" plane, often the first though is the bigger the better, 27", or why not just go to 31"? These big tires are certainly best when you begin to get into true off airport work, landing in rough fields, gravel bars with mini-boulders, etc. but am I really going to do that?

It is said that good old 6.00-6 tires can handle 95% of what most people fly on, and certainly 100% of what is labeled as an airport, even back country airports. The next most common size is 8.00-6 but this jump adds considerable weight and aerodynamic drag.

Decision: February 7, 2022

Ultimately after reading a few reports and resources, I decided to go with the less common, but still easily acquired, 7.00-6 tire. These tires provide a little more margin over the 6.00-6 tires yet introduce no measurable weight or aerodynamic drag.

The final tire I purchased was: