The Bearhawk LSA was designed to work with Continental 4-cylinder engines anywhere from 65-100hp. Since the original design, others have put on various engines. I really like my ULPower 350iS that I installed on my Zenith CH-750 Cruzer, but it would mean getting involved in making my own cowling/nose bowl as well as engine mount.

Being that this is going to be a simple build, I opted to go with the design and purchase a rebuilt Continental O-200 from Bob Barrows.

The engine as spec'd includes:

  • 8.5 compression ratio
  • New Pistons
  • Rebuilt Cam and Tappets
  • MA3SPA Carburetor
  • Lightweight Starter
  • Lightweight Alternator
  • Lightweight Oil Reservoir
  • No magnetos as I'll be using E-mags

Decisions made along the way

  • Went with E-mags (P model). Easy install, once engine produces 800 RPM, the E-mags produce their own power, easy timing, auto harness and spark plugs
  • Exhaust system with dual mufflers is coming from Vetterman Exhaust

To Be Determined

  • Baffling
  • Heat Box