Landing/Taxi Lights

I have two from my Zenith build. I originally purchased two wing kit lights and was going to place a landing and taxi light in each wing. I decided to just go with one wing having lights in it, thus I have two extra lights. Those will be what I use for the Landing/Taxi light on the BearHawk

They are the SunSpot LED Landing Lights.

Position/Navigation/Strobe Lights

I like the AeroLED Pulsar lights that are on my Zenith. They are pricy, but I have not looked at others. So, do some market research.


$996.00 a pair

Kuntzleman LED Aircraft Lighting System

This is much cheaper than AeroLED Pulsar lights ($410.00 vs. $996.00). The Aircraft Spruce page says that the are nightime approved, but says "according to the manufacturer." Seems a bit sketchy.

$410.00 a pair

February 25, 2022

I sent an email to KE Strobes and got a response within an hour from Dick Kuntzleman. He said that the Nav/Position/Strobe lights are legal for night flight in an experimental aircraft.

Beacon Light?

Do I need a beacon light if I have the Position/Nav/Strobe Lights? Currently on my Zenith before starting the engine I turn on my strobes as an indicator that the engine is going to soon be running or running (in addition to calling clear of course). Does it make sense to have a Beacon light?