Ignition Source?

Decision (February 18, 2022)

E-mags. Simple magneto interface/install, generates its own power after it hits 800 RPM, so no dependency on battery.


I declined to use Bendix mags that Bob suggested. I believe I can have a smoother running, more fuel efficient system using E-mags of some sorts. I know there are a few options, but unsure of all options, pros and/or cons.

This decision should be made sooner than later because E-mags, as of right now (February 8, 2022), have a 2 month back-order time listed. I would hate to have the engine ready to run but no ignition source!



These contain a built in generator that supplies it's own power once engine RPM reaches 800 RPM. I can run automotive spark plugs. I spoke with Jerry, who installed them on a Lycoming engine for his RV4. He really likes them, the maintenance, the cost of automotive spark plugs, and he gets better fuel economy.

February 18, 2022

I reached out to E-mags asking about cost for an entire setup for my Contientnal O-200, and also lead time. Aircraft Spruce currently says No Stock.

Brad responded within an hour with a quote and lead time. Lead time is 3-4 weeks, best guess he said. I asked for a little clarification.



It is 100% dependent upon battery power. All references I see speak of replacing one magneto, not two. This is also for Certified aircraft. I am unsure if the rules/suggestion is different for Experimental aircraft.

SureFly is out, it is designed for and targets Certified aircraft.

SDS Ignition

This is a fully electronic ignition system. http://www.sdsefi.com/cpi.htm

Package seems more complex than just drop-in mag replacement. There is a panel mounted control head. It will allow the use of automotive spark plugs, wiring harness and plug adapters are included in the kit. Has the ability to switch profile based on 100LL and mogas.

February 18, 2022

I reached out to them asking about what exactly I would need, cost, and lead time. They responded within minutes. That was nice. Lead time is 2 weeks and price is better than the others. I need to do some reading.