Mark Goldberg recommends the Catto 72x44" composite propeller. Hartzel is in Ohio, where I am based, kinda nice to support locals. I do like my DUC that is on the Zenith, the 3-bladed design making for a quieter environment (inside and outside) and the ability to adjust the pitch. The 3-bladed design also has a smaller overall length due to an additional blade, thus has higher ground clerance.

Manufacturer Research

March 25, 2021

Catto responded that the 72x44" is a great all around performing propeller. It would cost $3,100 with nickel leading edge. A small adapter is necessary for the O-200-D. The spinner would be $515.00 cut, fit and ready to install. Lead time was August/September.

February 10, 2022

I sent an information request to Hartzell and DUC.

  • Hartzell only makes constant speed propellers, I did not realize that. They are out. They did respond via email pretty quickly though, that was nice!
  • Catto got back with me, price was raised to $3,300.00 and lead time is June.

February 14, 2022

Gaeton suggests either a Swirl-2-R or Flash-R. He has a 2 week lead time and will deliver a quote by the end of the day.

February 16, 2022

Sensenich Propellers makes a ground adjustable composite prop that may be of interest, 2 Blade Continental O-200/Lycoming O-235 Ground Adjustable STOL Propeller

2 vs. 3 blades

Catto Propellers states: "From a performance standpoint the 2 Bladed and 3 Bladed very similar, almost equivalent. The 3 Bladed propeller is smoother due to it’s ability to distribute the power pulses from the engine."