Trig TY-91

Compact VHF Tranciever


  • Manufacturer Website
  • Installation Manual: Trig Avionics/00839-00-AG TY9x Installation Manual.pdf
  • Operating Manual: Trig Avionics/00840-00-AD TY91 and TY92 VHF Radio Operating Manual

Technical Information

  • 11-33v Input
  • 3.2A maximum current (pg 6 installation manual)
  • DB25 Male Connector
  • 5A circuit breaker is suggested for power (pg 20 installation manual)
  • 20G wire is suggested for power (pg 21 installation manual)

Pin Information

The TY-91 is actually two components, a remote mount module and a control head. The Trig manual references the control head as TC90, thus pins will be identified as TC90.# for control head, and TY91.# for the main module.

Main Module

Module contains a DB-25, Male Connector. Harness will need a DB-25 Female. I have only listed the pins of interest for my installation.

3TMAP1A - Control Head communication
4TMAP1B - Control Head communication
10Headphone Ground
11Headphone Out
12Controller Power (remote head)
13Power On
14PTT Key 2
15PTT Key 1
17Intercom Key
20Aux Audio
21Microphone 2
23Microphone 1
24Aircraft Power
25Aircraft Power

When the Intercom Key (#17) is grounded, the intercom is enabled. Some place a switch to enable or disable the intercom, others ground it directly and the intercom is always enabled.

Control Head

Control Head contains a DB-15 Male. Harness will need a DB-15 Female.

2TMAPA - Remote Module
3TMAPB - Remote Module
8Remote ON
9Power IN
10Power Ground