One or Two MGL Xtreme's?


The main instrument in my Bearhawk is going to be the MGL Xtreme Mini EFIS. This device is a combination device including

  • Airspeed
  • Altimeter
  • Vertical Speed
  • Artifical Horizon
  • Turn and Bank Indicator
  • Slip/Skid Ball
  • Timer
  • Navigation
  • Full EMS

I can split the screen between the primary flight instruments and a mini-EMS display. The question is does it make it too cramped on the screen to be of use. That answer is no, but it does make it harder to read as some metrics are made smaller, such as the Airspeed and Altitude. So, is it enough of a reduction in size and increase in clutter to install a second unit that would be a dedicated EMS display?


February 16, 2022

I have been speaking to Franz Lamers at MGL in regards to two Xtreme's. My Xtreme does not remember what screen it was last on and I was concerned if I have to set each EFIS each time I start the aircraft. As it turns out the Xtreme has a CR2032 battery that remembers state. My Xtreme seems to have a dead battery. So, if I have two Xtreme EFIS units, I can set one as my EFIS and the other to EMS. It should remember.